Welcome to OttBeerBloggers

Who are we?

A group of friends who met via social media, bonding over our love of craft beer. We all have blogs though no two are alike. We each offer a different perspective making us a dynamic collection of people. We are men and women who like to drink, share and chat about beer. We discuss everything about beer from the ingredients to the final product. From the type of hops to the process of making beer we love to talk about it all. The group comes from very different backgrounds but great beer is what has brought us together.

Group - Brew Day 1
We Like Beer and Laughing. A Lot. Even the Members Not in the Picture.

This webpage isn’t about our individual blogs, though you can find links to them if you want to check them out too. This is about the things we do when we get together.

What sort of things do we do?

Well, we share beer that we have acquired. Some of us travel and we are always on the lookout for new and interesting beers. We all have different palates and enjoy discussing beer with each other.

We get together and do things like a Beerlympics where we pitted fifteen beers against each other in a blind tasting.

Most recently we brewed two batches of beer together and have plans for more in the future.

Next up we are doing a potluck of dishes from David Ort’s Canadian Craft Beer Cookbook.


About OttBeerBloggers

A group of friends that found each other through writing about craft beer. @OttBeerBloggers

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